With the rapid advancement of mobile technology over the past decade many industries have been struggling to keep up or, rather, they are falling behind in terms of grasping and making the most of the opportunities that mobile internet can provide. Advertising is obviously one area and many sections of the market either overlook mobile advertising completely or do not utilize it in a way in which it is beneficial to both parties however the gambling industry has started to make inroads into the mobile sector.

Gambling whether it be placing a bet on a sporting event or playing poker online is a huge, huge business that attractions millions of people every year resulting in huge profits and income for gambling companies and allowing ordinary people to use their skills and make some money as well. For example, the finest online UK casino has been making inroads to the mobile market recently by launching mobile friendly versions of webpages and smartphone apps as well to fully capture the mobile audience. However, it is not a strategy that many casinos or online bookmakers are taking.

While some app stores do not allow gambling apps to be downloaded directly from them, the phones do allow you to download an app direct from the gambling company although there are many that do now actually have apps or even mobile friendly websites to allow people to use their services and the ones that do are capitalising on this market imbalance. In 2012 alone one bookmaker and casino recorded a 96% increase in its mobile services compared to the previous year and this amounted to just short of £1bn in trade – and this is only one online bookmaker. While the profit was obviously much less than this it still resulted in millions of pounds in profit over the whole year and many companies are now setting up whole departments who solely work on the mobile side of the business.

However, what can you do with a mobile gambling app? Well, pretty much everything you can with a computer or laptop or even going into the bookmakers or casino in person. You can place a one off bet on a sporting or any other event with just a few clicks or you can play games through the app online. This can include favourites such as poker or slot machines or even more obscure or unique games to that company. The bottom line is that with new mobile technology then mobile gambling needs to catch up with this progression and only some companies are actually achieving this.

10 years ago mobile gambling was pretty non-existent. Gambling on your phone? Never. However, fast forward to the present day and it is much more common that you would believe. With smartphone’s now resembling mini laptops essentially you can do a whole lot more on such a simple device and this means placing a bet or playing casino games online and winning real money in the process. With more and more companies now realising this potential then there are now more options available for the consumer and the market is predicted to grow and expand with each passing year.


The launch of smartphones has contributed to further growth within the online gaming market and in particular to the gambling industry. Through numerous sites that allow live gambling and the personal reach in audience through smartphones, the industry has experienced a further boost. Sports betting and online casino companies in particular have taken advantage of the smartphone and introduced live betting and live casino games.

The iPhone is one of the best selling smartphones around the world. Given its popularity, it is also used a great deal for gaming. Many online casino have developed mobile versions of their sites that are configured to work on the iPhone. Currently, many rumours regarding the next model of the iPhone are circulating as curious minds try to predict what Apple’s next move will be. The current rumours point to some features that may be rather favourable for those who enjoy online gaming.

There are some conflicting reports regarding just how many versions of the iPhone will be released. Some reports are two while others are hedging on three. Regardless of the number, one thing is common amongst these rumours and that is that the size of the display will be adequate for the purpose of gaming. One model is reported to feature a four inch display screen. On the other hand, another model is reported to have a 4.8 inch display which would make it one of the larger phones. However, there is some uncertainty about this rumour given the name many believe it will be called. Reports of the iPhone Math are spreading which doesn’t follow the name scheme typically used by Apple.

Another report is that Apple is planning to redesign the phone using different materials. This is an attempt to be able to sell the device for a cheaper price tag and thus making the iPhone available to more people with varied budgets. As far as specifically how the cheaper version will change, it seems to be mainly with the thickness which will increase. Rather than being a new model, it will simply be another version of the iPhone 5. The benefit of this for online gaming is that it means the iPhone is now more accessible to people with a wide range of budgets.

iPhones are notorious for new versions and with each new upgrade consumers wonder whether or not they should trade in their last model. The latest iPhone models are sure to have better features than those that were previously released and there are a number of websites set up to help users to sell their old iPhones so that they can purchase these newer versions.

Many wireless carriers also allow users to trade in previous versions and choose the upgrade, although many do require an additional fee to do so. If you are unsure of whether or not you should upgrade your old iPhone, you may need to do a bit of research. If you insist on keeping up with the latest and greatest and cannot fathom having an iPhone model that is outdated then by all means, trade up to the newest version.

If you are simply wondering if the newer versions are better than the version you are using however, you can simply do a bit of research to find out. Take some time to compare the features on the new version and find out for yourself if you think this upgrade is worth your time and money. If the features on your iPhone version are relatively the same as those offered on newer versions, why would you bother upgrading?

It may all come down to whether or not you can actually afford the upgrade. Remember, you will likely incur quite a cost to switch your iPhone model with the newest one on the market but if you can afford this upgrade and you really want to see what all the hype is about, switching is not going to be difficult. You can either try to upgrade through your wireless carrier or simply purchase the new iPhone version and sell your older version. Again, there are many websites that offer assistance with selling iPhones or you may know someone who would love a chance at owning your older model.

iPhones do not come cheap and because of this, many users want to protect them from damage. There are aluminum jackets available that will help to protect your iPhone and many of these jackets are very stylish. They are designed to perfectly fit various iPhone versions without having to actually squeeze the phone into the jacket. They offer plenty of space to hold your iPhone and keep it safe while being conveniently lightweight so you can carry them everywhere you go.

One version, the Aluminum Jacket Type 02, has been specifically designed with users in mind. It offers great protection from shock and damages due to scratches or pings. The inside of the case has been lined with cushioning to help absorb shock so if you drop your phone it remains completely undamaged. The outside of this particular model is constructed of aluminum that is 3mm thick so it effectively prevents any damage to your phone should you drop it or bump it against something.

If you own an iPhone then you know how much of an investment you have made. Protecting this investment is important. Even with insurance from your wireless carrier, you would have to pay a couple of hundred dollars to replace a lost or damaged iPhone, no matter what model you are carrying. Protecting your phone from damage is essential and an aluminum jacket can be a great way to prevent damage. There are a number of colors and styles available for those looking at aluminum jackets and various other materials on the market as well.

Whether you want an iPhone cover for protection or style, there are a number of advantages to picking one up and they are relatively inexpensive so by spending just a few dollars you can actually save yourself the cost and hassle of having to replace that iPhone should it become damaged.

More and more consumers are beginning to listen to digital radio which gives businesses an excellent platform to advertise their products and services. Radio is considered to be one of the greatest forms of advertising and with many UK consumers switching from FM to digital radio, many businesses have begun to look at the benefits of advertising on this relatively new platform.

More than 160 million hours of radio listening each week is done on a DAB digital radio broadcast. With consumers finding a wide range of product options from larger sets to portable radios like the Roberts RD60, it simply makes sense that businesses would take the time to learn more about the benefits of advertising on a digital broadcast.

Digital radio gives businesses the opportunity to advertise to a more specified target audience. If your business revolves around sports for instance, you can advertise directly on a sports channel. Many channels are designed for specific age groups which is another benefit that businesses can enjoy. They have the ability to further target their products toward people who will be interested in them instead of advertising to a wider range of consumers.

Ads can include specific information about products as well as contact information and even special offers that are interesting to those who hear them. Having the ability to zero in on a target audience is a benefit that all advertisers look for and the digital radio revolution is certainly giving that advantage to businesses. Many believe that digital radio ads in the future will include personalized messages that are targeted to specific consumer needs and even listeners who can store and then retrieve advertisement information which will allow businesses to initiate direct marketing campaigns for their products. This new advertising platform has many businesses looking for new ways of reaching out to their customers and finding a much more successful marketing campaign.

The popularity of DAB radios has continued to grow in the UK over the past two years. It is estimated that radio listening hours is now represented by DAB radio to the tune of more than 30 percent. Estimates show that 42 percent of the UK population has a DAB digital radio set and this number is up significantly from the 39 percent in the third quarter of 2011.

The nation is expected to completely replace FM radio with digital in the next few years and although this digital revolution may take a bit longer than originally predicted, it is estimated that more than half of the nation will be listening to DAB radio by the end of 2013. Many consumers listen via mobile phones and internet which helps to account for the more than 23 million total consumers who are leading this digital revolution.

The total number of those listening to digital radio still only accounts for about 31 percent of the total population and with more and more consumers getting onboard every day, it is likely that those numbers will substantially increase over the next few months alone. Many digital radio sets like the Roberts Stream 83i were popular holiday gifts and many consumers simply prefer the sound of digital radio over traditional FM sound. Those who have not yet joined the digital radio craze can take the time to learn more about the benefits of digital radio and what products are available for purchase. Online retailers offer a number of sets that are very affordable and many consumers have decided to replace their home sets with DAB sets to begin enjoying this new sound for themselves. Experts agree that at the rate that popularity is growing, the entire nation could be listening to DAB radio within the next two years if not sooner.

The rumours around the iPhone 5S have already begun to heat up despite the iPhone 5 only being released a few months ago. Little is known about the device, but it hasn’t stopped the likes of the Daily Mail spreading rumours regarding the commencement of the handset’s manufacturing. Apple are notoriously secretive when it comes to divulging information about forthcoming technology and as of yet there has been no official word on the matter. What we do know is that a new iPhone will be released in 2013. Here’s a roundup of things to expect from the forthcoming iPhone.

Apple has been extremely vocal about their relentless efforts to improve build quality in their handsets. The iPhone 5 has been successful in many respects – being much lighter and thinner than previous handsets while improving the build quality. That being said, the device is far from faultless: the soft aluminium back and sides of the iPhone 5 are extremely prone to scratching.
The iPhone 5S is likely to address the design issues of the iPhone 5, possibly modifying the back of the handset to reduce scratching. Analysts also predict that the iPhone 5S will come in a range of colours to compete with the likes of Nokia and their Lumia range.

The lack of NFC on the iPhone 5 has been widely criticised. Apple’s own passbook feature was their answer to NFC yet his remains a far from ideal feature. With the acquisition of NFC tech company Authentec last year, there is more than enough evidence to suggest we will see NFC in the coming iPhone 5S. This seems like a no-brainer when every competing device appears to have NFC support. This means that tech geeks who bought the Samsung Galaxy S3 for NFC can now sell their handsets on www.musicmagpie.com when the 5S finally drops.

The iPhone 5 launch had people mesmerised by the picture quality and panorama features of the inbuilt camera. The camera is, however, far from faultless, with many users complaining of purple flaring when taking images with bright light sources in them. We expect that Apple will not aim to revolutionise the technology in the iPhone 5S, saving that for the iPhone 6. We can however expect to see current issues fixed as well as performance boost that will come with iOS 7.

Battery technology always seems to be one step behind the ground-breaking technology featured in the iPhone handsets. The iPhone 5 battery life is still lacking in many respects, barely holding charge for an entire day. Hopefully Apple will be able to address these problems with the iPhone 5S.
The iPhone 5 is widely thought to be heading for a June release date and will be introduced at roughly the same price as the iPhone 5 is currently being sold for.

Forex trading has changed significantly over the years. Today, there are a number of mobile applications that are designed to make trading easier and more convenient. Mobile trading allows you real time access to your trading account so you always know where the market is. Exchange rates can change in the blink of an eye and having continuous access is critical. Mobile applications make this access possible. You can readily find trading software available on the iPhone and iPad which makes managing and implementing your trades much easier.

Many online brokers have become tuned in to the increase in smartphone users and have begun to developed downloadable platforms that are designed to work with these phones. Many offer free versions of their mobile platforms and most of these platforms give you all of the features and functions of the traditional online versions. Understand that not all mobile platforms give you the features that the online versions offer. It is important that you check the platform that you are planning to use and ensure that it gives you the capabilities you require for mobile trading.

Many iPhone users have found that a number of apps are available that can make trading much easier on the go. If you simply do not have the time to sit at your computer for trading, you can download these apps and keep up with the market, make your trades and perform other tasks in real time. Whether you are an avid trader or a beginner, these applications will make it much easier for you to monitor your trades and exchange currencies without actually having to have access to your computer in order to do it. Technology has significantly changed how Forex is traded these days and as more and more consumers make the switch to smartphones, many more apps are likely to become available.

The smartphone market has grown with incredible speed since the launch of the first iPhone in 2007. The industry is now worth hundreds of billions of dollars. Despite the high popularity of its iPad, iPod and laptop products, Apple makes more money in selling phones – $22.7billion in the first quarter of 2012 – than all of its other products put together.

Smartphones sell because they have revolutionised people’s habits. Phones are only half about calls and texts nowadays, and email is only part of the attraction. Brilliant user interfaces, crystal-clear cameras, vast banks of mp3s, unrestricted internet access and as many apps like the ValPak mobile app and add-ons as you can shake an angry bird at have turned our phones into our multi-functional, electronic entertainers.
But while Apple, Samsung and HTC aim to dominate the consumer market with knock-out touchscreen phones, are they keeping an eye on the business market? What are the best business phones out there?

Apple iPhone 5
No joke, despite the lack of QWERTY keyboard, this is still the premier business phone on the market. What it lacks in ease-of-typing, the speed, ease of navigation, flexibility and quality will more than make up for it for users who don’t need to send long emails all the time.
The simplicity of the email platform makes it a doddle to stay in touch while Apple’s peerless App Store means there is a host of useful business apps to exploit, including ones that are compatible with Microsoft Office documents.

Blackberry Bold 9900
RiM were in many ways at the vanguard of smartphone technology, creating brilliant business aides in the original Blackberry phones. But the Canadian company has found competitors steadily overtaking them in terms of technical development, and user friendliness.

That said, Blackberry still commands sizeable loyalty from the business community and it’s not hard to see why with the Blackberry Bold 9900, which was released in the summer of 2011.

No one does email as well as Blackberry, and the QWERTY keyboard means you can stay fully communicative wherever you are. The key additions of a touchscreen, 8GB of memory, NFC capability, a crystal clear screen and a slimline design makes this arguably RiM’s best ever phone. By way of a bonus, its age means providers sell Blackberry Bold 9900 handsets very affordably.

Samsung Captivate Glide
For business purposes, the criticism most often aimed at smartphones is the difficulty of typing on touchscreen keypads, while Blackberry is often accused of failing to keep up with the technological advances of its competitors. So why not go for a phone that does both?

Samsung’s flagship handset may be the peerless Galaxy S3, but business users are well advised to seek out the Captivate Glide, which is basically the excellent, speedy Galaxy S2 with a slide out keypad. Samsung have established themselves as the closest rival to Apple for the mobile phone crown, and with a flexible handset like this, it’s easy to see why.

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In the UK we are very well served with iPhone deals from all the major mobile phone carriers. In fact, the range of offerings can be bewildering, as providers seek to attract your business with differing combinations of talk, text and data allowances. Unlimited data packages can be expensive and if you’re on a budget you may they may not be an option for you. Cheaper packages may come with as little as 250mb a month, but this may be a false economy, leading to higher charges in the long run. So, how best to go about minimizing data usage, to see if it’s possible to slip in under one of these budget bracket and realize a truly great deal for ourselves

Get yourself on Wi-Fi
Will the majority of your data usage be at home or on the run? If you rely on 3G connectivity for much of your downloading you may soon be tipping the scales into higher fees. For a faster signal, and no cost to your monthly data allowance you should switch or phone over to Wi-Fi as soon as it becomes available. Not only will your connection and smoother, but also the battery life will be better. Wi-Fi is available in almost every restaurant, coffee house, and many public spaces as well as all of your friend’s homes. If your city is well served with free WIFI then this may be able to provide the bulk off your roaming online needs. It only takes 2 min to enter a new Wi-Fi code, after which your phone will automatically recognise the network every time you visit that location. Make sure you’re proactive in getting yourself connected.

Bandwidth requirements
Different types of Internet usage require different amounts of bandwidth. Email is an example of a low bandwidth application as emails contain only text and they are very small files. However, if you receive a lot of emails, just downloading the headers in order to browse them can often take more the 1mb of data allowance. If you do this 10 times a day then you will soon eat away at your allowance, so be careful to prevent your phone from automatically checking for you. If it’s available, set up the phone to use Push email. This means the server will send your phone a notice that a new email has been received, meaning your phone will not have to contact the server when there are no messages. Video calls and video streaming take a much heavier toll and these activities should be postponed until WIFI is available.

Install a bandwidth meter
In order to stop yourself going over your monthly allowance why not grab an app that will record your usage. It’s far better to upgrade your plan than to go over the limit and incur additional costs.

Social Media
Rather than accessing sites like Facebook and Flickr through Safari use the specific iPhone apps. These are streamlined to minimize the amount of images that are downloaded and will provide a cleaner, smoother and more economic route to stay in touch with your friends.